The DNA Health Process

At Wild Avocado, our process starts with your DNA analysis. We analyze thousands of markers in your DNA file, helping you uncover insights into your health and learn your genetic disease risks.
Our genetic algorithms take into account over 4,000 individual genetic variations to produce comprehensive insights into your health, and then use this data to prepare nutrition and lifestyle recommendations specifically based on your unique genetic profile and risk markers.

Before your reports are finalized, your DNA scores go through a comprehensive QA review by our trained genetic staff. The software then prepares your personalized reports to start you on your journey for health and well-being. 

Learning Your Genetic Disease Risks

Once your genetic analysis is complete, each report category will present your relative genetic risk score, additional information about the genetic category from leading scientific institutions, and specific recommendations based on your genetic profile to help you lead your healthiest life. You will also have access to read additional sources if you want to explore the insights from your genes further, all linked right from your report.

Your Nutrition and Lifestyle Guidance

Your report’s recommendations cover nutrition, lifestyle, fitness, meal planning, and more, to help you live your heathiest life and look and feel great. All of our genetic disease risk reports are designed to work directly with our DNA Nutrition tool to help you get the best insight into the ideal superfoods, meal plans, and diet for your unique genes.
Take the first step to a healthier future and have your DNA file do more for you today with Wild Avocado.

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