Use Your DNA To Improve Your Health Naturally

Genetic Disease Risk Analysis
Discover how your unique genetic profile affects your risks for major diseases, plus actionable recommendations to tackle them.
DNA Precision Nutrition
Find your personal superfoods and food intolerances, and start on a meal plan that’s as unique as your DNA.
Performance Optimization
Achieve a competitive advantage and peak athletic performance using your DNA to take your health and performance to the next level.
Lifestyle Enhancement
Get personalized, actionable recommendations for nutrition, physical activity, sleep and more to start you on your health journey.
Why Wild Avocado?
Personal Empowerment
Comprehensive Genetic Analysis
Affordable Pricing
More Than Just Genetic Results
You’re In Control
When you order a genetic analysis from Wild Avocado, you’re getting:
Up To 1,300 Genes
Other genetic companies look at just a few genes to analyze a disease risk or genetic factor. At Wild Avocado we look at hundreds of genes, based upon the latest research, to make sure you get the most complete answers for your health.
Clear Next Steps
Wild Avocado’s analysis focuses on health conditions that can be avoided or improved with nutrition, physical activity and lifestyle changes. Take action now and get clear guidance on how to improve your health based on your results.
Health In Your Hands
Use our interactive nutrition tools to discover superfoods, food intolerances, and powerful meal plans, all driven by your genetic data and personal disease risk. 
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