Health Coaching

What is health coaching?

Our health coaches can help you excel at living your life. The coaching process involves the coach and client discussing ideas and issues, but it is different in that the client is in the driver’s seat, creating their goals as well as the strategies on how to arrive at these goals.

How do coaching sessions work?

Our coaches are trained in the fields of nutrition and wellness to help people optimize their health and well being. Coaching sessions are individual meetings scheduled by you with one of our trained health coaches. You can choose to discuss certain areas that you have questions about, or you and the coach can create an action plan to address your personal health goals. 
Introductory Health Coaching Session
Introductory Health Coaching Sessions include:

A 25-minute introductory appointment with one of our health coaches will help you determine if our health coaching program is a good fit for you. If you decide to participate in our full health coaching program, you will be refunded for this introduction session when you purchase our health coaching package.

Price per Session: $70
Health Coaching 10-Session Program
Our Health Coaching Program includes:

Our health coaching program is a 10-session program that will provide you assistance and support along your health and well-being journey.

The first three sessions of our program are self-paced and serve to create the foundation of your wellness journey. The next seven sessions are typically weekly, during which one of our health coaches will help guide you along the path you have created.

Price per Program: $750
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