Optimize your health with Wild Avocado’s polygenetic reports and personalized health recommendations.

Unlock the Health Secrets
 in Your DNA

Optimize your health with Wild Avocado’s polygenetic reports and personalized health recommendations.

Optimize Your Health In 4 Easy Steps

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Upload An Existing
DNA File

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View Your Personalized
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Polygenetic Reports

Discover highly detailed health insights based on hundreds of genes and the latest research. Upload your preexisting genetic file and obtain enhanced results within minutes.

Detailed Health Recommendations

Make your genetic scores work for you with our physician-reviewed health recommendations.

Why Wild Avocado Genetic Analysis

Personal Empowerment

Discover Your Genetic Profile

Comprehensive Polygenetic Analysis

More than Just Genetic Results

Answers in Just Minutes

We Never Sell Your Data

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Genetic Analysis to Accomplish Your Health Goals

Optimize Complete Health
Take Control of Diabetes
Healthy Heart
Beat Autoimmune
Optimize Brain Health
Lose Weight
Tackle Food Addiction
Avoid Food Intolerances
Enhance Nutrition
Discover APOE Type
Optimize Fitness
Strengthen Bones
Healthy Vision
Best Night's Sleep
Men's Health

Hear what our clients have to say:

Hear what our clients
have to say:

"Wild Avocado helped me discover my underlying disease risks so I could immediately take action!"
"Thank you Wild Avocado for the genetic results - I feel like my health is in my hands!"
"Wild Avocado helped me get the most out of my genetic data"
"Thank you Wild Avocado for helping me overcome my autoimmune symptoms!"

"The genetic disease risk reports provided great insight into my health with my doctor"
"The genetic analysis is the most complete I've seen - I'm living a healthier life now"
"My peace of mind knowing I am taking action to improve my health each day is invaluable. I am beating autoimmune!"

Invest in Your Health Today

Gain knowledge about your health and disease risks

Enhance your nutrition, lifestyle and fitness

Empower you and your physician with information to make decisions

Identify critical genetic health factors to act early, when actions are most effective. 

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