We strive to bring cutting-edge scientific research and data analytics together in our services.


Our research process is backed by hundreds of articles from top-tier organizations published in reputable, peer-reviewed journals.


We strive to make your data easy to understand and to help you utilize our scientific research to achieve your health goals.


Our research analysis goes through extensive internal peer review and assessment by physicians, health coaches, and certified genetic counselors.

Our research is sourced from numerous organizations including the following:

Alzheimer's Association
American Heart Association
Anhui Medical University
Brigham and Women's Hospital
Cambridge Institute for Medical Research
Cleveland Clinic
Columbia University
Erasmus Medical Center
Harvard Health Publishing
Harvard Medical School
Harvard School of Public Health
International Multiple Sclerosis Genetics Consortium
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
King's College London
Linus Pauling Institute
Massachusetts General Hospital
Mayo Clinic
McGill University
National Cancer Institute
National Osteoporosis Foundation
Ohio State University
Queensland Institute of Medical Research
RIKEN Center for Genomic Medicine
Sleep Foundation
Stanford University
Stanford University School of Medicine
University Medical Center Groningen
University of California
University of Cambridge
University of Michigan
University of Oxford
University of Pennsylvania
University of Szczecin
University of Tokyo
Wingate Institute

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