Who We Are
Since 1993, American Healthcare Solutions, Inc. has worked to improve health outcomes for people in the United States, using big data, health analytics, and cutting-edge analysis software to help healthcare organizations and consumers optimize care, health, and well-being.
Our software offerings have built one of the largest healthcare databases in the world, helping physicians, health systems, and hospitals improve quality of care, staff culture, and reduce costs while enhancing patient outcomes. Our current genetic analysis offerings are designed to help providers and consumers optimize personal health and well-being by driving health improvement with comprehensive genetic analysis software, driven by our powerful genetic databases including data from the 1000Genomes study and Harvard.
Our metric for success has always been “Did we help someone today?”
Our goal is to continue to help drive the future of personal health and health analytics with our Wild Avocado tools. 
Our Science
Our polygenetic algorithms scan your genetic file for over 1300 genes of interest, analyzing over 4000 SNP variations to give you a more complete picture of your DNA. 
Our research team has evaluated thousands of peer-reviewed studies and databases of scientific data to keep our genetic database up-to-date and continue to improve our offerings with new genes and SNPs.
Our personalized health, nutrition, and lifestyle recommendations have been compiled reviewed by physicians and genetic counselors to help provide clear, actionable items that can improve your health.
Our Founder
Bradley is a visionary, entrepreneur, executive, data scientist, healthcare researcher, and experienced business consultant with a proven track record of success. He has worked with over 1,000 clients in the healthcare industry throughout his career, working in big data, artificial intelligence, healthcare research and informatics, and evidence-based medicine. His personal health journey to overcome 19 chronic health conditions inspired the Wild Avocado genetic solutions, and to continue to help people improve their health and well-being every day. He is a passionate skier and outdoorsman, healthy chef, and wine connoisseur. 
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